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| Updated on Apr 10, 2016

Australia – A Food Culture of Mixed Cuisine

When folks think of Australia, they likely imagine long stretches of sandy beaches and kangaroos.

In addition to the weather, friendly people and incredible beaches Australia has an eclectic food culture, heavily saturated in centuries of early Settlers who migrated and brought their authentic cuisines along for the ride.

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The result is modern day Australia's heritage of delicious foods; a combination of Japanese, Thai, English and Mediterranean influences that combine in creating a diverse fare to delight the palette and inspire creativity in any kitchen (pleasure food/australia).

The residents of Australia enjoy both vegetarian and meat dishes, including meat or veggie pies with gravy, roasted vegetables and juicy meats, grilled or seared chops and thick steak as well as various types of meat paired with indigenous vegetables and fruits.

The Aussies give new meaning to the term ‘living off the land'. For centuries, the native Australians have been utilising the succulent plants and juicy fruits growing in their own backyard.

The delectable results include fresh shellfish and lemon myrtle, local scallops or prawns nestled in linguine, or smoked fish sautéed with a creamy tomato sauce using freshly picked bush tomatoes.

There are many traditional Australian dishes touted as ‘don’t miss” delights by the locals.

These include an array of colourful sweets, meats and of course, coffees. There's the Pavlova, a sweet, airy cake made with meringue and topped with local kiwi and strawberries and some whipped cream.

To create a genuine Aussie dish, there are also some fundamental ingredients that are used to authenticate Australian cuisine. These include indigenous herbs such as mountain pepper, lemon myrtle, spinach, macadamia nuts, wattle seeds and ripe bush tomatoes.

Also, an important part of the Aussie food culture are the delightful desserts to include Anzac Biscuits, Soldier's Cake, Lamingtons and Damper.

While the names may not be familiar to you, once you give these foods a try they will undoubtedly become favourites. The locals swear by Damper, the yeast-free bread that makes a wonderful start to any meal, and the Lamingtons, a spongy cake with coconut and whip.

The hearty Anzac Biscuits will quell any appetite and keep you focused while you hike and explore your surroundings. Finally, Soldier’s Cake, an offshoot of the American fruit cake, boiled and lasting seemingly forever, is hailed as one of Australia’s ‘must try’ treats.

A trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without eating some of the popular packaged foods that are tasty enough to bring to the hotel room.

These are so good you may wish to buy extra to take back home and include more biscuit based cookies such as the Iced VoVo’s, a marshmallow biscuit packed with raspberry jam and coconut.

Also, there are Tim Tams, which consist of a creamy chocolate nestled between two chocolate – guess what? Yes, more biscuits.

The concoction is dipped into more chocolate and voila! The Tim Tam is born. Whether it’s a delicious meat and veggie dish, or a slice of Soldier’s Cake, you’re sure to find something you like in Australia.

If all else fails, you can always live on Tim Tam’s and Iced VoVo’s – just leave behind some clothing so there’s enough room in your suitcase.

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