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| Updated on Oct 1, 2015

Must- Eat Australian Burgers for Travelers

Mouthwatering hamburgers are not only found in the land of the free, but are edible with an Australia visa and a plane ticket to Oz.

Welcome to burger paradise. It’s possible to get here but only with an Australia visa. Give us a click and take a bite out of your upcoming vacation destination.

Imagine biting into a dripping burger, stuffed with tangy ingredients and house made sauces. Your own taste buds explode, sending your brain in overload status as it gets lost identifying each and every flavor. And that was just the first bite.

If your mouth is salivating as much as ours, you’ll want to jump on board! We can assist you on our easy to use, simple process. There is almost nothing we can’t do to quickly get you on a plane and chomping down an Aussie burger to remember.

Chasing burgers and visa for australia

A burger is simply not a burger without presentation. Slap a wad of meat, lathered in unrecognizable condiments inside two flat buns? You got food.

Now, mesh together spices and sauces into hamburger meat. Grill or charbroil. Cut up out of the garden fresh vegetables. Lettuce so crisp it echoes throughout the restaurant when it breaks. Bake golden, crunchy bacon slightly salted to enhance flavor.

Carefully layer these monstrosities between two fluffy and slightly browned buns and NOW you have a burger worthy of eating! This is what you can expect in Australia.

Where can you find the best burger? Plenty of places claim to have “the best”, however, there are a few spots where burgers are done right:

-Mary’s in Sydney:

Few places can get away with having a limited menu. Mary’s not only offers three styles of burgers, it’s the sauce which makes it addicting. There is a long list of cocktails and other drinks to choose from, but if you are looking for the ultimate burger experience, we say skip the drink and sip the sauce.

-His Boy Elroy in New South Wales:

With a nod to American styled burgers, His Boy Elroy plumps up burgers unbefitting to a human mouth. Loaded with any topping you can imagine, you will have a difficult time trying to get the entire burger into your mouth without dripping on your shirt. Ask for extra napkins or just bring s drop cloth. It’s just that delectably captivating!

-Andrews Hamburgers:

Victoria: If you are Victoria, you need to stop here! Plain and simple, this is by far the best place for a burger (without emptying your wallet) in the region! Andrews offers such a variety of style burgers there is literally something for anyone with an imagination.

From to Steak burgers to veggie, taste buds everywhere will meet their match here.

Oh glorious burgers.

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