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| Updated on Nov 2, 2015

Touring Authentic Cuisine of Australia

We all have to eat. But it’s what we eat that makes our region special.

Grab a Visa to Australia and you could be sampling sustenance beyond anything you could possibly think of. If it moves, it can be eaten, or so it seems.

Before you start gnawing on your keyboard, let’s take 5 minutes to get you down here. No, the flight is not 5 minutes but filling out the application is, at least when you allow us to assist with your food tasting adventure.

Give us a try at application and learn all about how to get to Australia without the hassle. If you are ready to stuff your face with Cajun crocodile or kangaroo fillet, then click away!

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Australia is home to thousands of animals and living species, best seen in the wild, sanctuary or on your dinner plate. Sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Aussie’s are proud of what they can master in the kitchen given the seemingly endless selection of food roaming the land.

From thick, hankering slabs of animal meat grilled on the Barbie to appetizers fit to fill you up before you get a chance to eat the main course. Here are but a few (and we mean a few!) of what you can sample on almost any part of the continent, after getting your Visa to Australia:


Eaten for thousands of years by those occupying the land down under, these bush tuckers can be served cooked or raw. Nutty to the taste, it’s a must try for any traveler.


Served cold or as a topping to pizza, Emu is a native dish prepared in assorted ways. Don’t feel guilty about eating this meat as it’s low in fat, cholesterol and well, you’re on vacation!


Ideal breakfast biscuit. High in fiber and filling! Mix it in with fruit and you’ve got yourself a balanced and nutritious breakfast. Very popular with the kiddos.


Sweet tooth alert. Not all Australia food involves insects and animals. Try this after (or before) dinner as a favorite cake amongst locals. Chocolate and coconut outside with a fluffy sponge cake on the inside.


Ok so lamb isn’t native to Oz but wow is it delish! Enjoy a lamb leg roast with the family on Sunday, or any day of the week. Coated in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, it’s tender and juicy meat is best served with a loaded potato.

-Meat Pies:

If there is anything to eat in Australia its meat pies! The choices of meat is numerous! From typical pork and beef to crocodile and kangaroo! There are a dozen ways to eat one but the basic and most authentic met pie is served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

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