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| Updated on May 15, 2016

My passport Photo app to get a 100% compliant photo

Visiting Australia soon and need a new passport?

Then use the My passport Photos app to get a 100% compliant photo today and the best of all is that you can now get your Australian ETA (online tourist visa) completely online by visiting today. If you need to get a passport document for your child, it is worth mentioning that you need to get quality passport photos for the baby.

my passport photo app

Simply visit by using your computer, you can also download their app if you prefer using a smartphone for taking a picture.

It is not an easy task taking the photos as many would think: especially for such young toddlers.

It is important that you train your kid on focusing or find a way to induce the friendliness in the baby. Below are some of the most reliable tips for you to follow when taking baby passport photos:

  1. Plain backgrounds should be considered. A plain background is known to bring out the right details of the passport photo. For better quality, ensure the baby is dressed in a contrasting color to bring out the quality intended.
  2. Your baby needs to have the eyes open for the photo. It is important that the kid gets enough sleep the previous day to ensure they stay alert during the photo session.
  3. You do not focus too much on the kid. This could scare the child and start crying. Bright colors behind the camera help to grasp the baby’s attention. In case the child begins crying, you need to take a break.
  4. Ensure the kid is in the upright position to allow quality photos. Ensure your kid is safe and not abandoned during the process.
  5. Entertain the baby to attract the attention. Be next to the child but avoid appearing in the camera.
  6. To come up with the right photos, ensure that you have taken many photos so as to select the best quality. Use to get your passport or ID photo for your baby. You can select a local store for pick up or have the pictures delivered to your home.

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