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| Updated on Mar 7, 2016

3 Fun Off-Script Ways to Enjoy India

3 Fun Off-Script Ways to Enjoy India

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Sightseeing is exhausting. Timetables, tours, cameras, transportation schedules, and tour guides are all part of a balancing act that can become truly overwhelming.

If you find yourself, India visa in-hand, worrying over every little detail and train schedule on your itinerary, take a deep breath and a big step backward. Relax. Open up some of that scheduled time so you can roam free in some of the most exhilarating and entertaining places in India today.

Shopping In India, there’s shopping, and then there’s Shopping. You might find an interesting souvenir or post card in the train station gift shop, but you’re preoccupied with the impending train and your time is limited.

Instead, try spending an afternoon, day, or even week at Old Dehli’s famous bazaar, Chandni Chowk, or Jaipur’s Shopping Festival.

Yes, festival. Wander through a forest of colorful soft silk, glittering jewelry, and breathtaking Indian original art. Get lost in the music and theater performances and countless food options.

You may not buy a single item (although that is highly improbable), but your memory of India will be all the brighter for the experience.

International Film Festival of India (IFFA) For almost 50 years, the IFFA has been a bastion of collective world culture, screening films from dozens of countries. A founding principle of the festival is that to an open-minded individual, the world is one family. It may seem strange at first, the thought of traveling all the way to India just to imbibe non-Indian culture, but once you get past the paradox, it becomes clear that the culture of India embraces its place in a diverse world.

Apply for your visa for India, and travel there to view the rest of the world differently than you ever have before. The IFFA is but one of many ways to enjoy world culture through open and unprejudiced eyes.

Extreme Sports If you get to a point where you feel like you might scream if you have to snap one more picture of antiquity from behind a velvet rope, follow another line of people on a guided tour, or squeeze into one more of the countless bazaars, it might be time for you to take a side trip to clear your head in India’s vast wilderness.

Raft furious rivers, backpack through breathtaking valleys, mountains, and jungle, explore caves in the wild northeast or learn to scuba dive in the famous Andaman Islands.

Bungee jump from India’s highest platform in Rishikesh, or take a ride on the Flying Fox zip line, in Kerala, in southwest India. Once you have your visa for India, the sky is the limit. Now, take another breath and close your eyes. Ask yourself, do you want to see India, or feel it? How close do you want to get to its heart and soul?

Applying for your India visa is the easy part. Electronic visas are becoming popular and convenient, especially with the assistance of a helpful online service [insert reference if desired, “such as,”].

The real challenge comes in decided what to do with your time there, so leave some of your time open to indulge in unexpected adventures.

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