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| Updated on Feb 27, 2016

Australia visa and Must Visit Places in Melbourne

Sydney is a fabulous city to visit

In Australia should not be missed after receiving a Tourist Visa to Australia.

However, Melbourne is one happening spot that should not be overlooked! Soak in warm weather, beautiful coastline and hundreds of activities by land or sea to do.

Whether its jet skiing around schools of fish or dining atop an earthly made cliff, Melbourne has it all. Before booking your trip, make sure to apply with us and understand all the [requirements for your Visa to Australia](

Visa to Australia

Once you have the application ready to go, submit and get ready for fun! Here are some of the things you can, no MUST do, when touring the city:

-For a great outdoor experience

that doesn’t break the bank, try the Royal Botanic Gardens. Located in the heart of Melbourne, this gorgeous area houses many rare and spectacular plants, trees and landscapes not found anywhere else on the planet. No need to rush through this as every step you take, holds a new and serene view. We suggest packing a lunch and blanket as picnics are a perfect pastime in this stunning area.

-If you have time

try taking a day trip to Philip Island. Make sure you brew some coffee grounds as this trip has a very early beginning, like before sunrise early. But don’t let that discourage you! What awaits on the island makes an early start worth every Zz you missed out on. What can you expect? How about adorable penguins and sleeping Koalas? During the warm months, catch a race at the speedway. Kick off your shoes and take a stroll down the coastline while exfoliating your feet at the same time! For those photographers out there, this is a perfect opportunity for some immaculate photos.

-Queen Victoria Market

is the spot for shopping! Local specs and works of art can be found in this historic open air market. This makes for an experience unlike your average shopping centers you may encounter at home. Course, it’s more ideal when the weather is warm and sunny. Not so much when it rains. Unless you don’t mind getting wet then have at it!

-For those of you who absolutely enjoy

ships, especially those of the “pirate age”, then you need to scurry on over to Polly Woodside and tour some of these ancient beauties. Preserved and open for visitors, this makes for an adventure in the harbor. Pirate attire is not required but no one will shoo you away for your eye patch and wooden leg.

It’s definitely impossible to list all the happening spots in Melbourne but we hope this gives you something to look forward to after applying for a Tourist Visa to Australia. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

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