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| Updated on Nov 27, 2015

Cruise Australia: Beach Weather Mixed with Day Trips

Cruise Australia: Beach Weather Mixed with Day Trips

Cruising into paradise begins with get a visa for Australia with all the benefits and with a plan and knowing the Visa requirements for Australia. When you think of cruises, you probably begin dreaming about the Bahamas or even seeing the glaciers of Alaska. But did you know that one of the most popular and ultimate cruise destinations is Australia? That’s right! There is so much to explore, why not ride in style and let the sea drift you to where you want to go? Now you can venture off while lying on a deck and sipping on Pina Coladas.

There are several options out there for who you should go with and what kind of cruise would be best for you. First things first, unless you are an Australian citizen, you will need another document. Back in the day, certain cruise liners were exempt but thanks to new laws, you have to have one. The Visa requirements for Australia are simple and easy to follow. When you are ready to apply, follow our link to check if you need a visa at .

What’s great about the modern world is now you can click, apply and receive your visa electronically. No more sending in your passport and waiting for weeks! Pretty great, right? Yea, we think so too!

Now comes the fun part: trying to decide which cruise to take! The list is long and it really depends on where you want to head out to. There are plenty of cruise itineraries for the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania and many other locations. If you are wanting to see and experience more of the Great Barrier Reef, Princess Cruises offers day trips as well as overnight stays.

Just depends on what you are wanting. There are a number of trips that make port in Western Australia and give cruisers a chance to hit the main land and explore. Places you can expect to see include: Perth, Broome, Margaret River and Exmouth.


When planning your cruise, make sure to pick a good time to go. The ultimate time to venture off on a cruise is during the months of October-April. This is the warmer season for Australia and also when more Aussies tend to be out and about. Try to pick out an itinerary that allows for day excursions. You won’t want to miss a high speed jet in the harbor, a bridge climb or a trip to the Blue Mountains.

If beaches are where you are heading to once you make landfall, be sure to bring the sunscreen and wide brimmed hats as the daily temperature hangs around the 90’s. One other thing to look out for is cyclone season, which peaks in March and April. Don’t let the potential for a cyclone disparage you. Those cruise liners will keep everyone safe and make your trip enjoyable!

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