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| Updated on Mar 22, 2016

Gold Coast of Australia Ideal Destination for Surfers

No, you can’t find actual gold on in the sand, however,

with an Australia visa, the Gold Coast of Australia makes for one magnificent vacation! Dozens of skyscrapers reflect glistening waters and shine down upon the white sands, giving a mixed gold color of awesomeness. This area off the coast of Queensland makes for an ideal family vacation but even more so for those who live to surf.

Nicknamed “Surfer’s Paradise,” the Gold Coast attracts thousands of surfers from all over the world and every skill level. This is the ultimate destination for anyone who gets a thrill out of riding waves and crashing into the deep ocean blue. Course, unless you are one of the lucky natives of Oz, you will need a passport and an Australia visa. Your dream trip is just a few clicks away as we help you go through the process on our site at .

Think you are ready for surf city? Our simple and easy to navigate application will have you packing your bags before the sun goes down (or comes up depending on what time a day or night you are applying!).

But there is so much more to the Gold Coast than just surfing. It’s also known as the theme park capital of Australia! That’s right, plenty of thrills and screams to be had as you are whizzed away on roller coasters and spin until you can’t stand up. There is delicious cotton candy, entertainment and mouthwatering foods all waiting for you.

If thrills are not your cup of tea, enjoy wildlife sanctuaries as well as water parks where you and the entire family can have some fun zipping along water slides. Just remember the sunblock or you may end up a crispy critter by the end of the day.

In addition to all the fun you can have catching waves or screaming on thrill rides, there is also a chance for you to take a walk on the wild side through jungle and rainforests. Enjoy blissful walks through tropical landscapes or a heart pumping run along the coast.

Either route is sure to overwhelm the senses and refresh you for the rest of the trip. Take a night on the town in Brisbane with your significant other. Have a romantic day at a couple’s spa and get pampered like you’ve never been before! All this and more awaits you on the Gold Coast of Australia once you have your documents approved and bags packed!

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