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| Updated on Jan 27, 2016

In Spring visit Bahrain

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If you’re planning on heading out of the country this spring, take some time to consider visiting it and acquire visa to Bahrain, the beautiful island nation in the center of the Middle East.

Bahrain visa online

Bahrain is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination due to its relatively liberal culture, which means that travelers can visit an authentic Middle Eastern city and culture without having to worry about conforming to radically different social standards. In fact, Bahrain is an especially great place for LGBT couples to visit, as it is one of the few Middle Eastern countries where homosexuality is legal.

One of the primary draws for visiting Bahrain in the spring is the climate and the climate's effect on the surrounding water. The temperature in the spring averages a somewhat warm but not unbearable 85 degrees, and the shallow water around the island is typically a pleasant 80 degrees.

Take advantage of the vibrant and active scuba diving and sailing cultures while enjoying the warm water. You can also spend some time on some of the countries immaculately crafted man-made beaches, often accessible from a resort or hotel.

Another great reason to visit Bahrain in the spring is to see the country’s biggest yearly event – the Bahrain Grand Prix F1 race. The race is held every April on the Bahrain International Circuit and has broken attendance records multiple years in a row. However, if you do want to see the race, you should start planning now – flights will sell out and the local hotel prices can as much as triple. But it’s worth it to see the desert racing event of the year!

While Bahrain is very much a dry and desert country, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a couple rounds of golf while you’re there! Directly outside of the capital of Manama is an international, 18-hole golf course. This 72-par course has hosted some of the world’s greatest golfers and will put up a good challenge for any dedicated golfer.

Finally, you can visit the Manama city center, a vibrant shopping center with a full water park occupying the second level. If you want to see what a bustling Middle Eastern economy really looks like, you can find it at the Manama city center. There are plenty of other entertaining activities you can enjoy with a Bahrain tourism visa – visit online to learn about how you can get your visa online and prepare for your vacation.

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