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| Updated on Apr 30, 2016

Safari adventure by submitting a Sri Lanka visa

Australia has something different to offer for all the travelers young and old alike, from Uluru to the Great Barrier Reef, its simply an extremely diverse country and the fact have you can now apply for the tourist visa online makes it even easier to travel to Australia. Apply online here:

Get started on your safari adventure by submitting a Sri Lanka visa.

Unlike Rhinos or other animals with a mean streak, we won’t chase you down. Safaris are not exclusive to Africa but can be found in Sri Lanka too.

Even if venturing out into the wild unknown is not quite what you had in mind when visiting Sri Lanka, the first item to check off your to-do list is getting a visa
Check us out at and find out what you need to know for your trip.

Visa to Srilanka Safaris

If you are seeking a vacation beyond your typical luxury suites and fine dining, we believe a safari is just what you need. There is an array of safaris available to fit your unique interests.

Got kids? Try booking a few nights at the Leopard Safaris Camp. Take a backseat into nature with a campsite dedicated to giving you an outdoor experience or book a room in their ecofriendly hotel. See stars not seen from any city. You may even view the Milky Way depending on cloud cover. During the day, receive guided tours into the wild and witness animals in their natural habitats.

Another safari company worth looking into for an ultimate adventure into the wild is Kulu Safaris. Kid friendly, natural and giving a nod to luxury, this venture consist of lying in hammocks, camping in modern tents and fine dining under the illuminated night sky.

Positioned in the heart of the Yala National Park, anyone journeying with Kulu will get a chance to see leopards and buffalo. Both species are densely populated in Sri Lanka and make for quite a sight to see. Elephants are another wondrous beauty you can expect to catch sight on while driving around the countryside.

These are only a couple of safari adventures you can take in Sri Lanka. Stretching out the legs and becoming one with nature also requires some special attire.

While traveling during the warmer months, humidity levels are extremely high. Be prepared to have a frizzy hairdo and sweaty clothes. You can cool off in air-conditioned modern tents but once you are exploring the national park, you will be exposed to humid air. Keep bug spray handy. Mosquitoes especially love the delicious taste of tourist blood. We wouldn’t consider it a compliment so be sure to have that on at all times while outdoors.

Pack solid walking or hiking shoes and as always, bring a camera. Nothing is true or happened in this world anymore unless there is a photo to prove it. Plus, you with an elephant makes a great photo for your living room!

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