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| Updated on Sep 24, 2015

An American in the World of Oz

Travelling the US is rewarding but having an Australia Visa and taking a trip to the other end of the world is amazing.

Don’t get us wrong. Both countries have incredible beauty, inviting cultures and immense miles of land! If you think about it, the inner part of both countries are not as crowded as the coastline. After all, 75% of the US population lives near the ocean.

Australia’s population is a bit higher but both countries have the same idea: beach front properties!

If you are living in the US and are ready to see new beaches, we have you covered. Getting from here to there is easier than it used to be. Our simple to use website and quick application process will have you laying on the Gold Coast in no time. It only takes about 5 minutes to apply at . Go ahead, give us a shot.

Australia visa

Going on vacation from the good ol’ USA to the Land of Oz is not complicated especially since the Australia Visa is done electronically. That’s right. No more sending your passport and other documents to the embassy. Say good bye to snail mail and hello to the digital world!

US citizens can look forward to being able to apply for an ETA or electronic transit authority. This “revolutionary” advancement in the world of travel allows US citizens to be linked. Literally. You will no longer receive a stamp in your passport but rather have the ETA electronically linked to the microchip in your passport. Ta-da, technology.

It’s recommended for Americans to apply within two weeks of travel to Australia. It doesn’t take very long, with some applications being approved immediately. Remember that if you plan to travel to Australia, you must have a visa.

Don’t get caught off guard and arrive at the airport only to find out you are missing it. Keep in mind that if you do forget, the airline can usually get your visa linked right on the spot but don’t risk it. If something is wrong with your passport, it might not be approved and there goes your vacation. Also, your passport must be valid at least one from the time of application.

Other tid bits of information of keep in mind when travelling to Australia is you can’t apply for an Australia Visa if you do not already have travel plans. One requirement is having proof of departure from the country.

You can only stay in the country for three months at a time. We know, who would ever want to leave? Sigh, but you have to eventually.

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