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| Updated on May 6, 2016

Australia visa down under food wonder

Australia is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world.

It is also home to some of the tastiest foods in the world. What exactly is Australian food?

It consists of Thai curries, fried rice, Mediterranean cuisine and a host of other food styles. Many would think that those types of dishes don’t belong in Australia, but they are part of multicultural Australia, as history shows this great land was populated with settlers from all over the world.

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The Aussies love their meat and vegetables and what Aussie doesn’t like to cook shrimp on the barbecue?

Okay, you may not hear an Aussie say, “throw a piece of shrimp on the Barbie,” because there will be plenty there.

They have a deep-rooted love for Thai cuisines and embrace Chinese food. You can find plenty of Thai and Chinese restaurants all over Australia.

Aussies love Chinese chicken and corn soup and for those that love Thai, you have to try the green chicken and curry pie. The blend of spices and chicken baked in a pie is a treat that anybody would love to taste while visiting.

Australian chefs pride themselves on their famous hamburgers. Any pub or local bar and grill spot will have various burgers that you can sample.

The top burger in Australia would be a juicy Aussie beef patty topped with beetroot. Imitated but never duplicated, no other country can make this juicy burger the way the Aussies do.

Placed on a soft, warm bun, the beef-only pattie topped with cheese remain incomplete without the finishing touch of beetroot.

There are plenty of other “must try” dishes in Australia. Why not treat yourself to a taste of the national fauna?

Grilled kangaroo is low in fat and seasoned with pepper, rosemary, garlic and flavored with orange, plum or red currant. After tasting ‘roos, you may not ever want to try another type of meat again.

No it doesn’t taste like chicken but be warned, ‘roos is usually cooked rare to medium as well done dries it out. For those that like fish, they can experience Barramundi, which means “large-scaled river fish” in the Aboriginal language.

It is served all over the country, and delicious seared skin-side down or pan-fried. You can’t order fish and chips for this, as it is rarely battered or deep fried.

I hoped you saved room for dessert, as the vanilla slices are a must try. While originally a French pastry, Aussies say their multi-layered, vanilla-custard-filled pastry finished with icing sugar version is unique to them.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for the Kiwis custard square. Both are delicious and should satisfy your sweet tooth.

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