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| Updated on Aug 26, 2015

Get your Australian ETA to visit the best Dining Spots in Sydney

Want to dine at the top rated restaurants in the land down under? Start out with applying for an Australia Visa, then proceed to gathering up locations. Sydney is home to hundreds of restaurants for all budget types and group sizes. But dining next to the Sydney Opera House is only possible if you have the right documents to get you there. Anyone travelling to Australia, unless you are from New Zealand, will need a visa. That’s where we come in. Our quick and easy process takes about the same amount of time as creating your status on Facebook. Have questions? No worries! We have a FAQ´s page aimed to answer all your questions. Still need help? Chat with one of our representatives right away! Dining in Sydney begins with the first click

Best dining spots in Sydney, Australia

Dining is what makes travel worth while. It can either enhance or even make the experience worth every hour you spent crossing the Pacific Ocean. Though there are plenty of places to test your taste buds in Australia, Sydney hosts unforgettable dining ventures.

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Let the following places make your mouth water and senses tingle after getting your Australia Visa:

  • Medusa Greek Tavern: We know, Greek in Oz? You bet your passport! Most popular among travelers and locals alike for their unbeatable roasted lamb with lemon sauce. Talk about drowning in flavor! Lamb isn’t the only item in the menu worth having though. Appetizers a plenty and delicious Moussaka. Be sure to call ahead as it tends to fill up quick. Reservations are not required but recommended especially during high tourist season.

  • Slide: Featuring French and Vegan entrees, Slide is a unique experience for anyone wanting to up their dining game. What makes this spot stand out is the Burlesque show accompanying dinner. A 9-course meal is served as dancers captivate your sight. Price ranges between $80-130 per person. Not a family place but perfect if you enjoy Vegan or French style cuisine.

  • The Spice Room: No reservations required and won’t kill your pocketbook. The Spice Room offers tantalizing Indian dishes, loaded with flavor. If you do arrive when it’s busy, don’t worry. There is another option which may open your communications from your cell phone to other people. Group tables are available where you dine next to strangers, sharing an experience but not your food.

  • Oldtown in Newtown: Ready for less high-end dining and more down to earth comfort food? Oldtown in Newtown specializes in home cooked Italian meals. With its friendly staff and lovely dining area, this is a spot worthy of family venturing on King Street. Everything from salads to pasta, if it’s Italian, it’s on the menu.

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