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| Updated on Oct 16, 2015

Online visa or ETA Makes for Easier Trip to Australia

Gathering up information on the Visa Requirements for Australia has never been easier or quicker than it is right now.

If you already have a passport, you are half way there. New laws and technology has turned the entire Australia visa application process from a massive headache to a few relaxing clicks. Our services make sure to get you on your way to Australia without the hassle. See for yourself at and before you know it, you’ll be on the place headed toward the fabulous world of Oz.

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Travel Down Under

The process has gotten easier for those traveling down under:

  • First off, the Visa Requirements for Australia are now readily available at the click of a mouse. Instead of contacting the embassy and gathering pamphlets, you can literally read all you need to know in a matter of minutes. Plus if you are ready to apply, it only takes about 5 minutes if you have everything needed.

  • Second, unlike travel of the past, modern day exploration involves an electronic transit authority or ETA. Long, long ago, on a planet far away…. Ok we are referring to earth and it wasn’t too long ago but the norm used to be sending off your passport to your country’s embassy. This is no longer required as an ETA allows the visa to be electronically linked to your passport. In case you didn’t already realize it, there is a small microchip in your passport. If you feel the back cover, you’ll notice a small bump. Bingo. That’s it. No stamp just a link. You’re linked the same way your Facebook is linked to your cell phone. Thanks ETA.

  • Finally, the ETA is perfect for regular tourists who are on a short stay in Australia or those entering the country on business, not involving work in OZ. Now on the other hand, if you are wanting to physically work in Australia, a different type of visa is required and you shouldn’t apply for a standard ETA. You will need a Temporary Work Visa subclass 400.

Now, for all you lovely travelers exploring the world below, this ETA is good for a year from the time you are issued (linked). Travel as much as you’d like within those 12 months as long as each visit doesn’t exceed 3 months. With this ETA, you can conduct business but not actually work in the country or study. Student’s need a separate visa as well. Keep a clean record as any convictions of crimes longer than 12 months may result in immediate removal from the country.

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