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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Tourism in Australia Reaches All Time High

If you have never been out of the country, now is your chance to fill out an Australia Visa Application and put in your vacation request.

This is highly suggested to those hard working citizens who almost never take a moment to vacate their lives. Reward yourselves with a trip down below. Believe it or not, a good chunk of tourism in OZ results in personal vacation.

If the boss won’t let you take a vacation, why not try negotiating a business trip down under? If approved, we can help get you down there.

Our simple and easy to use website will let you obtain the Visa for Australia and will have you petting a Koala or surfing the Gold Coast in no time. Literally, it takes a whole 5 minutes to complete the application so long as you have what you need, a passport being the biggest requirement. Check us out at and get to packing!


Every year, millions of people from all over the world fill out an Australia Visa Application and enter the country for many different reasons. About 40% of all travelers come into Oz simply to experience a new world. Others make the journey for school or business.

Educational reasons account for around 21% of tourists. Who wouldn’t want to study abroad in such an amazing place? You can learn more wandering the continent than any classroom could teach. For those who do have to arrive on business, remember the Blue Mountains or gallivanting the Outback is great excuse to put off a report. You’re in Australia!

According to the Australian Government, the annual tourism survey reported for 2014 recorded 6.3 million visitors to the country resulting in $30.7 billion in expenditures. Can you guess which country visits the most? New Zealand.

About 1.12 million locals hopped onto a plane and headed all over to say hello to their neighbors in Australia. China came in second with 736,000 travelers and not surprising, the United States holds third with about half a million visitors. Put another way, the amount of Americans is only about 1% of its population.

Not too many people get the chance to break free from the country and travel. Other countries who make their way down under include: Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Hong Kong.

Despite having the majority of outsiders coming from New Zealand, it’s not the country that spend the most.

In 2014, China led the expenses, holding 18% of total revenue generated, followed by the United Kingdom with 12% and the United States at 9%. New Zealand made up only 8% of revenue.

Where did these thrifty and heavy spending travelers visit most? New South Wales received a whopping 3.1 million travelers, accounting for almost half of annual visitors to the country!

Want less crowd? Visit Tasmania.

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